Casual & Creative Wedding Invitation Wording that You Could Use

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Published: 19th October 2010
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You may have an upcoming wedding and there are many tasks to be carried out. One of it is the wedding cards to be sent out to the list of guests or attendees to your special day. As much as the designs of the card are concerned, it is also extremely important to take note of the wedding invitation wording. The words and construction of the sentences speak of your sincerity to invite the guests. You have to maintain a certain amount of etiquette in it as it may offend people if there are inappropriate words are being used.

There are many types of wedding invitation wording which makes its way to the market. However if you and your partner prefers to use different approaches rather than the usual fixed format of wordings, then there are casual and informal ones you could take into the invitations. This will certainly be a more unique way to ask your relatives, important loved ones and other friends to witness the ceremony. You could find many examples from some websites and suggestions from some blogs. But you should only use these as a guide to create your own special wordings as you would not want to copy other’s heartfelt work for their special occasion. A sample of a casual and creative wording will looks like this:

Years ago when they were young,
Two lovers were brought together as one.
Now and forever, partners in life,
Under palm trees swaying,
They’ll be husband and wife.
Please join us for the wedding ceremony of Josie Williams and Mark Winston
on 1 September 2010
from 10:00a.m
at the St. Augustine Church

Another example will appear more of a direct invitation like this:

We’ve decided to make it official.
We’re going to tell the world that
we love, honour and cherish each other.
Please gather with us Josie Williams and Mark Winston
on 1 September 2010
from 10:00a.m
at the St. Augustine Church

You and your partner could come out with own personal wedding invitation wording that is meaningful to both of you. It should speak from the bottom of your heart and should not read by others as a set of words copied from other poems or creative works of others. Discuss with your partner as to what should be written. As both of you talk, there may be some memories of your love and time spent that you want to make it into the wordings.

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